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Volkswagen Jetta Tdi For Sale In Salem, Oregon, OR

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2004 Jetta Tdi

2004 jetta tdi 102000 miles. reconstructed title. bought car from insurance auction with 16k car had front bumper, transmition, and alignment damage (must have ran up over a curb). made all repairs new trans. bumper ect.so reliable, has run perfectly ever since. has few dents and scratches but no rust. very loved, and very well maintained. all scheduled mantainance. inclucing new battery, glow plugs, timing belt, and water pump last week. just seviced at vw dealership they did a full inspection. good to go, this car is amazing, and has seved us well but can no longer fit our growing family. we are in eugene oregon. but willing to deliver to a serious buyer. call devin @ 541-510-8389
 Jetta Tdi
 Jetta Tdi
 Jetta Tdi
Price: $9900
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Jetta Tdi
Year: 2004
Mileage: 102000
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Contact Details

Posted: 27-01-2012 6 months ago +
State: Oregon, OR
Location: Salem
Vehicle Sold
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