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Pontica Gran Prix Gt For Sale In Dickinson, North Dakota, ND

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2005 Pontiac Gran Prix Gt

For sale 2005 pontiac gran prix gt 145000 miles 3800 v6, 4door, cruise, pw, pl, ps, auto, keyless entry, 16 in. alloy wheels, cd player, family owned, upgraded to minivan for space. very reliable car. $6,000 obo contact tony 906-231-6613 evenings after 5 pm or email for more pics.
 Gran Prix Gt
 Gran Prix Gt
 Gran Prix Gt
Price: $6000
Make: Pontica
Model: Gran Prix Gt
Year: 2005
Mileage: 145000
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Contact Details

Posted: 27-01-2012 6 months ago +
State: North Dakota, ND
Location: Dickinson
Vehicle Sold
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