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Dodge Dodge Durango For Sale In Grand Forks, North Dakota, ND

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Dodge Durango 2000

I am selling my 2000 dodge durango 4.7 l v8 lots of power i have pulled a 3 horse trailer with it. it is a great car and has never broken down on me since i bought it in '01 service has been kept up on it. i moved from california a couple years ago and it has no rust on the body. it has 162,000 miles a lot of highway miles. i put a viper auto starter on it last year have to remotes for it. interior is great and has a third row fitting 7 people. there is only 2 minor problems that are easily fixable, the right front window regulator broke so the window doesn't roll down and the back bumper has a minor crack. i am asking 5000 and is negotiable with good offer, willing to drive some or meet half way. if you have any questions you can email or call (559) 824-4327
Price: $5000
Make: Dodge
Model: Durango
Year: 2000
Mileage: 162000
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Contact Details

Posted: 27-01-2012 6 months ago +
State: North Dakota, ND
Location: Grand Forks
Vehicle Sold
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